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Wallop™ is unique. Wallop™ is a statement and stewardship of valuing resources where the crafts-process is central. The type of wood in the plinth varies according to availability and it´s produced when the material is “reaching” us. Every Wallop™ turntable is christened to emphasize this uniqueness. To respect the lumbered three, it´s site is geotagged.

A consequence of the method, production is not rushed therefore a purchase may involve some patience.


If music, sustainability, good design is important, and vinyl is your media then Wallop™ is likely one of many similarities in interest that links us. Our solid LP collection and a nagging insistent idea fueled by like-minded people enriched the emergence of daring to try a new path. Decades of “I think I know how” has metamorphosed in what you see today. This is an interlacement between camaraderie seasoned by basic joy.



Wallop™ is the result of our widespread love of music, ideal of value-based sustainable development, good design and the joy of connection people. We want to share, create magic, give more people the opportunity to express themselves and listen to music together.

The player is fast, engaging rhythmic and with a greatly dynamic and wide soundstage. The components in the plinth links together in a way radically different from what is generally considered how to design a turntable. Instead of isolating, it's about diversions distractions and even luring them away via well-thought-out materials and connections. One, in many people's opinion, odd measure, is the light platter and light tonearm plate. We have “slaughtered” an accepted paradigm and opinion about the importance of gravity and rotational energy. That's because weight comes with expensive trade-offs, not directly related to better musical performance. In our view, torsional stiffness and tight jointing combining with lightness outperformed by far the gain of increased weight. If you think about it, it's obvious, there are no musical instruments designed to be extra heavy, on the other hand, the best ones are always extremely well made. As a direct consequence of the design, the interrelationships of the collective components, the turntable is not sensitive to transport. You can easily move it without the need of tweaking, the tone or timbre will not be affected by your excursion. Basically, you can put it in the trunk of your car and take it to your next party for shared joy.



Available for purchase at:

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Great fun new hand built Swedish record player.

The series version of the Wallop has received a much better bearing than the prototype we previously showed. The difference is huge. 
In terms of performance, the Wallop is fantastic for the money. It has a fantastic drive, a pleasant and easy-to-listen "character",
and an unexpectedly melodious rendering, which we think is only surpassed by an LP12.


Like an LP12, the Wallop can give an excellent reproduction even with a simple pickup, such as an AT VM95 or a Grado.

Wallop™ is music, craftsmanship and function.


Wallop™ is unique. It is hand-built and only built to order in a resource-efficient craft process. The method is central to us, which gives each player a unique look, as the types of wood in the plinth vary according to availability. All players are geo-tagged and numbered. Wallop™ is a position taking.

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Read about Wallop™ in The Ear

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My favorite product of the show, if only for the name, was a brand-new Swedish turntable called the Wallop. Even more enjoyable is that it comes from Oops Audio, I kid you not.

Trevor Butler, The Ear

Read the article here!

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